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WordPress security teams buy Youtube views

WordPress security teams have been uploading many videos to Youtube. They realize that Youtube is considered the second largest search engine in the world. It’s very important to have a presence there and if you don’t you are missing out on a huge amount of possible traffic. The problem is that every day there are thousand of hours of videos being uploaded per day. So how can your videos stand out? How can you get that traffic that every one is fighting for? There are some tricks that will help your videos get a jump start so they are not just sitting there with no exposure.

The first thing to realize about Youtube is that they reward videos that are getting views on their own. Most videos just sit there and get nothing. I would say 80% of all videos have less than 1,000 views. While the other 10% get millions. Why because when people type in keywords Youtube will show their videos to people over and over and over. The trick is to get Youtube to show your video in the search results.

We suggest that you buy Youtube views to give you video a jump start. We suggest using a service called you can click here to see their website. They have been in the Youtube game for a long time and will get the job done right. They offer Youtube views, likes, comments, and subscribers. These services will help you rank better in Youtube. The idea is if you rank better in the Youtube search results and Google you will naturally get more and more views. That way you just give your videos that jump start that you need to really grow. Youtube will reward videos that get views on their own. That is why so many musicians buy youtube views to start their videos.

These security teams have been making these great videos for months but got no real response or views. Then they purchased views and likes and they noticed their videos are doing much better bringing in many natural viewers. We have made a video on why it’s very important to buy youtube likes please take a look and enjoy.

Website Malware Removal Attacks Nasty Malware

Website Malware Removal is a premier malware removal service that will clean any website thoroughly, removing all infected codes quickly and efficiently for a one time fee. Visit to see our packages.

One important question that Joomla and WordPress website owners ask is, “why did my website get hacked?” Unfortunately, all websites on the internet are susceptible to hacking. No one is 100% secure, but there are many precautions that you can take to make it tough for hackers to compromise your site.

Some security things that you can do to protect your site include the following. Backup your website. You can check with your hosting company to see if they perform this service for you. If not, there are backup service available to ensure that you have a current clean backup of your site. Keep up to date with your latest version of CMS and always update passwords and themes. Delete old themes and passwords that you are not using.

Malware infiltration occurs when the software is outdated. Our removal service will locate and remove the malicious code, and harden your site against future attacks for a one-time affordable fee. Our ongoing maintenance program is an additional service that we provide to our customers to monitor their website against future attacks. This service is basically for individuals who do not have time to keep their website updated. We will keep your website updated, but if your website gets malware, although not likely, we repair and clean the site free of charge. For more information, visit our Facebook page at

WordPress Malware Removal Security Tips

Many people get the warning, “this site may be hacked” when Google determines that your website has malicious malware. But before your website is compromised, there are a number of security tips you may want to consider.

WordPress security is not as difficult as one might think. One important first step is to change the user name from “admin” to a more secure and difficult word to guess. Never use your name or nickname. It gives hackers a definite advantage. WordPress will generate a strong password for you, and it is a perfect choice. This password is so complicated that hackers will not be able to brute force your site to determine the password to gain entrance to the site. A weak password puts your website at risk.

A reliable web host is essential. I recommend using a well known hosting company that has a good reputation on the internet. If you choose an inexpensive and unknown hosting company, you may be asking for some serious problems. The major hosting companies run specials throughout the year to attract new customers. These major companies are well worth the money.

The next recommendation is to install helpful plugins. Wordfence is one plugin that will harden your site against attacks, and allow you to scan your website to see if there are malicious files on your site. On the Wordfence options page, be sure to list your email address so that Wordfence can notify you of any problems. The paid version offers many more options but the free version is helpful and does its job. Be sure and install Limit Login Attempts. It is a useful plugin to prevent brute force attacks. This plugin puts a limit on the number of attempts that can be made to enter your site.

One plugin that gives your website an extra layer of security is Captcha which is a free plugin. This plugin requires that an individual solves a simple problem to gain admittance to the site. Automated software for hacking will be stopped dead in their tracks.

Another important tip is to keep WordPress, themes, and plugins updated. Updated versions usually include patches for security issues that were found, thus eliminating risks. Delete plugins and themes you are not using. Keeping your site clean removes opportunities for hackers to enter your site.

Backing up your website is essential for peace of mind. There are several backup plugins available that work well. I recommend WordPress Backup To Dropbox which will complete your backup in about five minutes.

These are just a few suggestions that will make it difficult for cyber criminals to hack your website. However, in the event that your website has been hacked, and contains malicious malware, Our WordPress Malware Removal Service will have your website cleaned, and back online with 24-48 hours for a one-time affordable fee.